A Phone System Made for Hotel Industry

Modern Cisco IP desk phone with advanced features

CISCO IP Desk Phone

A seamless and integrated business phone solution designed to meet the everyday communication requirements of your hotel (room service, front desk calls, call transfer, etc.) and to integrate the phone with other services using IP voice technology.

Analog phone gateway for smooth integration with traditional phone systems

Analog Phone Gateway

Cost-effective network solutions with 24x7 support and connectivity with all vital soft switches. Expansion Chassis, a dual-slot extension module for Digital Stations, Analog Stations, and PRI trunking. VoIP Gateway converts Analog, E1, T1, Wireless Networks, and Embedded SBC to IP with high-redundancy and reliable architecture. However, DAG2500 connects VoIP and traditional phone systems.

Versatile multipurpose dial tone for efficient communication needs

Beyond A Simple Dial Tone.

Collaborate and communicate with Smart Call Queue features including multi-level auto attendant, custom greetings, and desktop & mobile apps. Allowing your hotel staff to engage and assist multiple guests simultaneously.

Dual slot expansion chassis for enhanced communication capabilities and flexibility

Dual Slot Expansion Chassis

It is simple to add extra tools and extensions to an IP-based phone system as required. Using the same infrastructure, hotels can exploit connections on landlines, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Making it easy to provide guests and staff with communications alternatives depending on their requirements.

Efficient file sharing through virtual fax for streamlined collaboration

File Sharing With Virtual Fax

Hotels not only welcome guests that are on vacation. Some guests also come on business trips, so providing them with a flexible method of file sharing can make an impression. Sending or receiving files has been made easier with our virtual fax feature.