Call Center

From number porting to, predictive dialer, call forward, call recording and useful integrations, Uoomtel offers a wide range of business communication services to its clients to improve their overall workflow and collaboration.

Optimize Your Outbound Calls

Are your outbound calls not making enough sales? With our predictive dialer that improves performance, you can lower your call abandonment rate and fully prepare your agents before they make a call.

Strengthen Your Inbound Calling Strategy

How you handle your inbound calls directly affects your bottom line. Join Uoomtel to be available to your customers 24/7. We can provide you the staff and the technology to ensure instant help to any customer that reaches out to your call center.

Monitor Agents through 360 Degree Activity Tracking

Drive agent engagement by analyzing and studying their activity and quickly taking action. With this feature, you can determine what steps you need to take for your operations to enhance calls handled by an agent without being intrusive.

Detailed Reports to Guide and Train Sales Agents

Detailed reports about your daily operations to analyze and gather unique insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team. Using the data we provide, sales managers can take swift action to optimize how an agent handles a customer call.

Mass Email Marketing

Run effective email marketing campaigns to convert prospects into customers, turn one time buyers into repeated customers, and create awareness about a certain topic. Leverage our automated software to deliver personalized emails on a mass scale.

Advanced Management for Improved Operations

Enhance staff experience and improve engagement with customers, partners, and employees through our centralized portal that can be accessed from anywhere to manage, archive, and share all documents without compromising security.